Rosebel contributes to the sustainable development of surrounding communities in Brokopondo, in particular the villages Marshallkreek, Nieuw Lombe, Klaaskreek, Balingsoela, Nieuw Koffiekamp, Brownsweg and Kwakoegron. Community development projects are carried out in these villages. These  projects are related to: 

  • Education, such as
    • the Scholarship Programs for best-graduates of MULO Brokopondo,
    • building of classrooms at Balingsoela,
    • building teachers’ accommodation at Nieuw Koffiekamp,
    • granting of school packages to the graduates of primary schools
  •  Healthcare, such as
    • building policlinics at Nieuw Lombe and Nieuw Koffiekamp,
    • providing information on HIV/AIDS and diabetics.
  • Infrastructure, such as
    • the rehabilitation of various unpaved roads.
  • Creating income generating opportunities, such as
    • setting up an ice factory at Commissariskondre;
    • expansion of the Asigron Agricultural Project with an irrigation system so that vegetables and fruit can also be harvested in the dry season;
    • expansion of the poultry farming project at Nieuw-Koffiekamp so that the project can become profitable.


To contribute to the sustainable development of the local communities, Rosebel purchases many products from local suppliers, amongst others, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Rosebel also contributes to capacity building of the local communities by setting up a vocational school to train local communities. 

Rosebel also employs personnel from the surrounding communities.