Rosebel facilitates agriculture awareness sessions Brokopondo

News 2022
06 May 2022

Within the district of Brokopondo, agriculture is a known concept. The majority of the communities however only do gardening for their own consumption and not commercial agriculture. In the first quarter of this year, Rosebel Gold Mines facilitated some interactive sessions with members of our Communities of Interest (COIs) to raise awareness about the possibilities in the district for large-scale/industrial agriculture.

This project was submitted to our Community Relations Department by the traditional authorities of the seven (7) COIs surrounding the Rosebel operation. The sessions were held at the villages Marchallkreek, Nieuw Lombe, Balingsoela and Brownsweg. The main goal of the sessions was to emphasize the value of agriculture and the fact that this sector is much more sustainable than gold mining. The trainer, Norine Berika, highlighted the various methods and benefits of commercial agriculture. She also encouraged the attendees to utilize the fertile soil of their villages and to engage in agriculture that will not only sustain their own households but also contribute to the development of their village and the district of Brokopondo.

By the end of the sessions, attendees stated that they are strongly motivated to invest more in expanding the practice of agriculture from domestic to commercial. The traditional authority of Brokopondo has also pointed out that the agriculture sector can create a high economic output, and expressed their hopes that residents will make use of the possibilities for expansion within the district.