Rosebel Community Fund supports eye care in Brokopondo

News 2022
11 February 2022

The Rosebel Community Fund ("RCF"), in collaboration with Lions Club Paramaribo North and Optiek Ninon, recently donated eyeglasses to individuals from the Sarakreek and Brownsweg areas in the district of Brokopondo. From the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of Rosebel Gold Mines ("Rosebel"), attention is paid annually to various healthcare priority areas including eye care. This donation is also part of one of the Lions Club International global causes, Sight First, in which the organization seeks funds to help people who have poor vision to get eye exams and, where necessary, glasses. Out of the 70 people who underwent an eye examination, 39 were in need of glasses, and 13 were referred to an ophthalmologist for further examination. The RCF made a financial contribution of SRD 50,000 to this project, which was estimated at SRD 80,000.

The 16-year-old Roberta Kaise from the Sarakreek area is one of the lucky residents who received glasses on Saturday, February 5. "I often suffered from headaches in class and I saw a bit blurry," she told us. For Roberta and other residents of the area, this project is a welcome solution because access to ophthalmic care is very limited.

Rinette Djokarto, President of Lions Club Paramaribo North, was therefore very pleased that despite the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she and the club's members and other partners were still able to carry out this project. "The thing is, people who live in these remote areas often enough cannot access adequate health care, especially when it comes to glasses. Because of logistical issues, traveling to the city is often a challenge. Consequently, vision is neglected, which was clearly noticeable in some readings. Some people's vision had deteriorated to a point that there was nothing we could do. They now have to go under treatment by the ophthalmologist."

From the start of her operation, Rosebel has always contributed to the sustainable development of the surrounding communities by carrying out community development projects related to education, health care, and socio-economic development, among other things. In recent years, with a focus on ophthalmic care, projects have been carried out in cooperation with various organizations including the Academic Hospital Paramaribo and the Mobile Eye Clinic. Rosebel remains committed to continue supporting community projects through RCF in the future.