Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program delivers 6th graduate

News 2022
28 April 2022

The Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program aims to provide scholarships to the most successful students of the MULO and LBO schools in the district of Brokopondo. This program enables students to continue and successfully complete secondary school or higher education in Paramaribo. At the beginning of this year, the program delivered its 6th scholar, Eva Kadosoe.

Eva entered the Rosebel Scholarship program in 2014 as a sixteen-year-old teenager of Makambi (one of seven villages of Brownsweg) after successfully completing junior level secondary education in Brokopondo. “Moving from Makambi to Paramaribo was not a challenge for me but a rather smooth experience”, she said. “Maybe this was also because my only focus was to have a successful completion of my education”.
She moved on to becoming the overall best graduate of the Algemene Middelbare School (AMS) in 2017 and continued her studies at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. On January 31, 2022, she obtained the title Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. “I am very grateful to Rosebel for this opportunity because higher education is not yet available in Brokopondo. This scholarship and the support that came with it, have enabled me to successfully complete my studies within the nominal study duration,” Eva said. She is currently working at the Ministry of Land policy and Forest Management as a policy advisor.

The Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program provides both technical and social guidance for all enrolled scholars. The costs for the study are paid by Rosebel, including housing, monthly transport, consumption, pocket money, tuition fees and study material from the time the students enter the program until they have achieved their higher education graduation.