Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program 7th graduate: Sisrian Geddeman

03 October 2022
One of the ways in which Rosebel contributes to the sustainable development of surrounding communities in Brokopondo is through the Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program. This program enables the best students from Brokopondo to continue and successfully complete secondary school or higher education in Paramaribo. This year, the program delivered its 7th graduate; Sisrian Geddeman, who after ten (10) years in the program, now returns to the district as a Spanish teacher at Mulo Brownsweg.
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Rosebel finances agricultural project in Brokopondo

12 September 2022
On Friday, September 9, Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. (Rosebel) and the Platform of Traditional Authority Brokopondo signed a funding agreement for the Brokopondo Outgrowers project. This is a pilot project that will significantly boost the agricultural sector in the district, by assisting farmers from Rosebel's Communities of Interest (COI) in setting up an agricultural business.
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AZP, Kirpalani Foundation and IAMGOLD open first eye care hospital in Suriname

29 July 2022
On Thursday, July 28, 2022, IAMGOLD/Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. together with the Kirpalani Foundation and the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP), proudly inaugurated the first eyecare hospital in Suriname. The expansion and upgrading of the former eyecare clinic were made possible by the aforementioned companies for the purpose of optimizing patient care in Suriname.
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Rosebel supports flooded Brokopondo communities

20 June 2022
On June 17, the official handover of a donation by Rosebel Gold Mines to the communities of Brokopondo took place at the company’s Paramaribo head office. As a result of the continuous rains of the past months, many villages in the interior of the country have been flooded and certain roads leading to these villages are in a very bad condition.
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Shalini Kesarsing: Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems is one of our top priorities

15 June 2022
Shalini Kesarsing, Manager of Health, Safety and Environment, has the challenging task of making sure we have an effective implementation of our environmental management program. She started working at Rosebel in November 2005 as an Environmental Specialist and has since then contributed to shaping the organization and several company policies: “Our focus has always been on wildlife and aquatic life assessment and monitoring when it comes to our environmental management.”
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Rosebel facilitates agriculture awareness sessions Brokopondo

06 May 2022
Within the district of Brokopondo, agriculture is a known concept. The majority of the communities however only do gardening for their own consumption and not commercial agriculture. In the first quarter of this year, Rosebel Gold Mines facilitated some interactive sessions with members of our Communities of Interest (COIs) to raise awareness about the possibilities in the district for large-scale/industrial agriculture.
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Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program delivers 6th graduate

28 April 2022
The Rosebel Brokopondo Scholarship Program aims to provide scholarships to the most successful students of the MULO and LBO schools in the district of Brokopondo. This program enables students to continue and successfully complete secondary school or higher education in Paramaribo. At the beginning of this year, the program delivered its 6th scholar, Eva Kadosoe.
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RCF launches building project Marshallkreek mourning house

12 April 2022
The Rosebel Community Fund (RCF) aims to contribute to the Surinamese society, but especially the communities around the Rosebel operations. The foundation tries to achieve this goal by, among other things, financing projects and activities that stimulate sustainable development. On April 7, 2022, we were able to celebrate together with the community of Marshallkreek, as they launched the building project of their new Kee Wosu (mourning house).
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Rosebel Community Fund supports eye care in Brokopondo

11 February 2022
The Rosebel Community Fund ("RCF"), in collaboration with Lions Club Paramaribo North and Optiek Ninon, recently donated eyeglasses to individuals from the Sarakreek and Brownsweg areas in the district of Brokopondo. From the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of Rosebel Gold Mines ("Rosebel"), attention is paid annually to various healthcare priority areas including eye care.
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Rosebel Community Fund contributes to priority projects PCS

08 February 2022
For 126 years, the Psychiatric Center Suriname ("PCS") has been the institution fully committed to psychiatric care and support in Suriname. Representatives of the Rosebel Community Fund ("RCF"), established by IAMGOLD/Rosebel Gold Mines NV ("Rosebel"), together with the management and staff of PCS, officially opened the newly renovated main entrance and security lodge of this institution in January 2022. At Rosebel, we are aware of the importance of adequate mental health care and have once again committed to contributing in 2020. This time by making available USD 50,000.00 for PCS's key priority projects.
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