Rosebel Heavy Equipment Training 2021 certificate ceremony

News 2021
31 December 2021

On December 23rd, over 45 participants who participated in the Rosebel Heavy Equipment Training 2021 received a certificate after successfully completing the training program. By organizing this training, Rosebel Gold Mines seeks to contribute to capacity building and thereby reach out to the communities in Brokopondo and Sipaliwini.
Tinza Pansa, Community Relations Officer at the Community Relations and Development Department and coordinator of the project, was particularly pleased with this great moment: "We have various activities that are carried out within Rosebel. Sometimes we initiate projects where something needs to be built within the community, or a donation is made for a certain piece of equipment, but we are also engaged in knowledge transfer where we work on capacity building of the people themselves. In this way they are enabled to further invest in themselves."
The training program was conducted in cooperation with Caribbean Heavy Equipment Educational Center (CHEEC), according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Participants were trained in maintaining the various safety standards and driving heavy equipment such as Haultrucks, Excavators, Bulldozers, Compactors and Loaders. Over the past 2 years, a total of 90 participants have been trained from the villages of Balingsoela, Browsweg, Kwakoegron, Klaaskreek, Nieuw Koffiekamp, Marshall Kreek and the Pikin-Saamaka area (villages of Bilawatra, New Jacobkondre, Misalibi and Baleng).

24-year-old Culiet Corinde, one of the participants from Brownsweg village, had an encouraging word for the other participants, "If you have the will to achieve something you have to go for it, and above all don't give up. People are quick to tell you that what you want is not possible, but I am already working at Rosebel." He is a Haultruck driver on the Caterpillar 777D and 777F and drives independently to all of Rosebel's pits (mines).


The group of participants also included a number of ladies who received special congratulations from Jerry Finisie, Community Relations and Development Manager: "You are the pearls within the community and so in this group. Usually, when it comes to such big machines, we think of it as a 'man’s thing', but women, all over the world, are capable of doing anything a man can do too."

HR Manager Martin Griffin, also shared an inspiring message with the participants highlighting the value of gaining knowledge, "One of the most important things companies can contribute to is knowledge. You can use knowledge for yourself to make a living, but also to pass on to others. The education you have received now can take you on a path you could not have imagined for yourself; I myself started my career as a mechanic, and today I work as an HR manager." He further urged the participants to make good use of the opportunities that are available and, above all, to continue working on their own development.