Rosebel Community Fund supports households Brokopondo and Sipaliwini

News 2021
29 July 2021

The Rosebel Community Fund (“RCF”), on July 27 and 28, provided the communities of Nieuw Koffiekamp, Brownsweg, Balingsoela, Kwakoegron, Marchallkreek, Klaaskreek, Nieuw Lombe, Njoeng Jacobkondre, Baling, Misalibi and Bilawatra, with food supplies and Personal Protective Equipment. These villages are considered part of the Communities of Interest (“COI”) of Rosebel Gold Mines. RCF has deemed it appropriate to lend a helping hand to the communities under the current circumstances.

Verena Diko, Communications Commission (“CC”) chairperson, also female captain of the village of Nieuw Lombe, was delighted to receive the supplies for the village. According to the captain, even before the distribution of the goods, an atmosphere of enthusiasm was noticeable in the village. "This project is very timely because we are all facing difficult times these days. As RCF, you are not obliged to do this, but the gesture is particularly well received by the people and we are happy with this assistance."

According to Stephanie van Lobbrecht, RCF chairperson, it has not escaped the foundation's attention that, among other factors, the Covid-19 pandemic and the heavy rains recently, have had a significant impact on the surrounding villages of the Rosebel operations. With the resources from the Community Fund, Rosebel has been able to contribute.

The distribution of the goods was done by RCF in collaboration with representatives of the traditional authority and the CCs of the communities. Several households in the villages were eligible to receive goods worth SRD 1,200 per household, from the RCF and Rosebel. The donation to the villages has a total value of SRD 756,000.00.

Since the start of the Rosebel operation, the company has contributed to the sustainable development of the surrounding communities by carrying out community development projects related to education, health care and socio-economic development.
Rosebel Gold Mines is committed to continue supporting community projects through the Rosebel Community Fund.