Rosebel Community Fund finances contruction mooring facilities New Lombe, Munjekreek and Kapasikele

News 2021
20 January 2021

The Cabinet of Traditional Authority New Lombe, Munjekreek and Kapasikele, represented by Mr. Hendry Kaffe, recently entered into an agreement with the Rosebel Community Fund Foundation (RCF) to finance the construction of mooring facilities for these 3 villages. Through this project, the villages will now be able to provide a safe mooring for passengers wishing to cross by boat. The fluctuating water levels of the river lead to unstable riverbanks and create a challenging situation for safe mooring and departure of boats. There are passengers who need to cross the river in the evening or early morning, including Rosebel Gold Mines employees who live in the villages, and school children leaving early in order to get to school on time.


By funding this project, RCF is fulfilling one of its objectives, which is to stimulate local entrepreneurship in order to promote sustainable development in the local village communities. This is also the reason why, local entrepreneurs were selected who have the capacity to build the facilities; in addition to the agreement with the traditional authority, a separate agreement was made with a local construction and transport company, for the construction of the facilities, and a local design and advise bureau, responsible for the project management. The contract price for the construction of these 3 platforms is USD 18,200.

From the start of the Rosebel Gold Mines operation, the company has contributed to the sustainable development of the surrounding communities in Brokopondo, mainly the villages of Marshallkreek, Nieuw Lombe, Klaaskreek, Balingsoela, Nieuw Koffiekamp, Brownsweg and Kwakoegron. Regular community development projects are carried out which include education, health care, infrastructure and creating income generating opportunities.

In 2021, Rosebel Gold Mines will continue to provide support, through RCF, to local communities.