Rosebel and government reach agreement on security assistance at Rosebel Site

News 2021
05 March 2021

Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. ("Rosebel") and the Government of Suriname recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) concerning the maintenance of  law and order and safety related to Rosebel's mining rights on the Rosebel mining concession. The Government was represented by the Ministers of Justice and Police, Mr. Kenneth Amoksi, Defense, Ms. Krishna Mathoera, and Natural Resources, Mr. David Abiamofo. Representing Rosebel were the General Manager, Mr. Martin Beauséjour, and the Country Director, Ms. Sharmila Jadnanansing.

The MoU essentially provides arrangements for the deployment of a taskforce by the Government in and around the Rosebel operations as well as for the support that Rosebel will provide to the taskforce. Additionally, the taskforce will endeavor to provide the necessary safeguards to ensure that operations are uninterrupted and continue to advance, in accordance with applicable law and the principles set out in the MoU. In this regard, Rosebel will support the taskforce through logistical assistance and accommodation.

For Rosebel, the health and safety of its employees, contractors and surrounding communities remains the highest priority. The subject of unauthorized miners entering Rosebel's mines on a daily basis and risking overall safety as well as their own safety in the process, remains very complex and requires commitment and vigilance from all stakeholders.

Rosebel is currently, after numerous consultations with the local communities, in the implementation phase of a modified Social Management Program, which involves targeted investment in capacity building and assistance to entrepreneurs within the communities. The goal is to transition from small-scale mining to other sustainable activities and entrepreneurship. Some recent results of this investment include an ongoing transport contract with a local bus owner, the recruitment of a security company from Brokopondo for supporting security services and the construction of mooring platforms by a local construction- and transport company. It is expected that as multiple initiatives are undertaken to develop alternative economic activities in the Brokopondo and Sipaliwini districts, the challenge of unauthorized mining will gradually become something of the past or at least minimized.

Rosebel provides approximately 2,000 jobs in Suriname and contributes to the Government through royalties, income and payroll taxes and dividends. The company is committed to enhanced engagement and social investment through the Rosebel Community Fund, plus improved coordination with the Government on security as part of a comprehensive strategy to achieve a sustainable solution for all stakeholders.