RCF and Ministry of Natural Resources start street lighting project Brokopondo

News 2021
16 July 2021

The Rosebel Community Fund ("RCF") and the Ministry of Natural Resources ("NH"), launched the installation of LED street lights project in district Brokopondo, on July 15. With the installation of the first lights in the village of Nieuw Koffiekamp, RCF, NH and its partners, Rosebel Goldmines NV ("Rosebel"), and stakeholders in the district of Brokopondo have embarked on a path to jointly help support future projects and initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the district and its residents. During the ceremony, there were speeches by the representatives of the traditional authority, the RCF, the District Commissioner (DC) of Brokopondo, Ludwig Mendelzoon, and the Minister of NH, David Abiamofo.

This project has a total value of US$163,090.63 of which an amount of US$143,115.00 is funded by the RCF. The collaboration with NH involves the Ministry providing logistical support, materials and labor, during the implementation of the project. A total of 1190 street lights and 50 solar powered stand-alone light systems will be installed.

DC Mendelzoon congratulated the community of Brokopondo, especially Nieuw Koffiekamp, on this milestone. "It gives a good feeling that this project is starting. This project must symbolise that we are entering the light. Where there is light, the darkness will fade. Let it be that Nieuw Koffiekamp will truly find the light. Both physically and spiritually, because Brokopondo lives in the dark." The DC also addressed a vote of thanks to the NH minister and the Rosebel representatives. He also noted that the results of the company's Social Responsibility policy are visible within the district.

According to Stephanie van Lobbrecht, chairperson of the RCF, contributing to sustainable projects is one of Rosebel's basic principles. "This project, in our opinion, will increase safety within district Brokopondo. All communities will be provided with street lights, and as the DC said, this may symbolize the progress of Brokopondo. The lights that will be placed should indeed be lights of community development, capacity building and entrepreneurship. Rosebel is ready and willing to work with all stakeholders."

Minister Abiamofo, indicated that electricity is one of the government's priority areas. "For the implementation of this project, there has been a collaboration between the EBS and the Electricity Supply Department, which is mainly working in the interior. The EBS network will be further expanded in various areas, because all Surinamese people have the right to be supplied with electricity 24 hours a day," Abiamofo emphasized.
After his speech, the minister, together with the chairperson of the RCF, gave the official starting signal by installing the first lamps in an aerial platform of the EBS. Both Rosebel and the Ministry have committed to ensure optimal use and regular maintenance of the street lighting in the district.