Rosebel Community Fund donates US$250,000 for COVID-19 healthcare

News 2020
15 September 2020

Recently, the Rosebel Community Fund Foundation ("RCF"), which focuses on sustainable community development, has officially handed over medical equipment and tools, intended for COVID-19 healthcare, to the Paramaribo Academic Hospital ("AZP"). The donation has a total value of US$ 113,000. "With this donation we hope to contribute to adequate help for COVID-19 patients in Suriname," says RCF chairwoman Sharmila Jadnanansing, also the Country Director at Rosebel Gold Mines, who on behalf of RCF, together with other board members, presented the donation to AZP. "At Rosebel, we have not been spared from COVID-19 infections and are thankful that it is under control thanks to the tremendous efforts of all employees, medical experts and our partners. As a company, we remain alert and monitor compliance with COVID-19 virus control protocols. The corona virus has a huge impact on our society and with these donations we hope to contribute to the fight against it through support to the health sector".

The donation to AZP consists of a state of the art Phillips Premium CX50 Ultrasound machine, needed to make images of the lungs for diagnostic purposes, medical protective equipment as well as 3 (three) NextGen PCR machines for processing the COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Ms. Marica- Redan, General Manager of AZP, stated that the AZP has built a strong relationship with Rosebel over the years and recalled the various donations and contributions already received from the company. She is convinced of the continuation of this partnership in the future.

Donation BOG

RCF has also received a request from the Bureau of Public Health ("BOG"). This concerns the repair of the cooling system of the Central Laboratory, where several rooms and laboratory instruments must be operational under specific temperatures for the investigation of various tests, including COVID-19.

This donation, worth US$ 104,000, has been honored by the RCF in cooperation with the Suriname Environmental and Mining Foundation ("SEMiF"), where both parties will each finance half of the costs.

Donations to village communities in Brokopondo

To raise COVID-19 awareness in the surrounding village communities of Rosebel in Brokopondo, the company contributed together with the Surinamese Red Cross and the Medical Mission to the development of posters and short awareness film productions in the local languages. It has also started donating personal protective equipment worth US$ 65,000 to the outpatient clinics in the village communities, including the residences of the traditional authority in Dyumu and Pusugrunu. Furthermore, a "Community Covid-19 Field Squad" is in preparation, in which a multidisciplinary team consisting of 20 members of the traditional authority, government officials, Rosebel employees and villagers will be trained to raise awareness about COVID-19 in the villages. This initiative is similar to the Rosebel Field Squad at the minesite, which has successfully contributed to making COVID-19 manageable within the company. Furthermore, various resources have been made available to the communities, such as thermometers for the traditional authority, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and clothing fabrics for making masks for the inhabitants of the villages. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Suriname, more than 10,000 masks have been delivered to Rosebel, made by the women of the surrounding villages. This project has resulted in an economic contribution of more than SRD 90,000 in income for these women.


RCF has also funded 5,000 books of the second edition of the Information Book, called "Information to Children and Adolescents on Coronavirus and COVID-19" (COVID-19 Info Book) written by Indra-Hu, author of youth and children's books, with the aim of promoting awareness of the COVID-19 virus among young people in particular. A large part of the books is intended for the communities surrounding the Rosebel mine.

These donations for COVID-19 healthcare in Suriname have a total amount of US$250,000.