Rosebel carries out a Community COVID-19 Field Squad at Brownsweg, in Suriname

News 2020
13 November 2020

Rosebel Gold Mines has played an active role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic at both the national and district levels. As part of RGM's efforts to assist local communities in the fight against the coronavirus, a project has been initiated to create a Community COVID-19 Field Squad (CCFS) that will work together with the traditional authority of Brownsweg and Primary Health Care Suriname. The squad consists of fourteen villagers who are trained in basic knowledge about COVID-19 and how to effectively communicate in the field.

The CCFS is responsible for helping citizens adhere to government measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through education and the supply of protective equipment. The members of the squad are equipped with bottles of sanitizer and facemasks. The facemasks are made by local women (entrepreneurs) and given to people who are approached in the field by CCFS and who do not have such protective equipment.


This project is being carried out as a pilot in the cluster villages of Brownsweg and will last two months. After this period, the results will be evaluated to see if and how to continue this project. If it appears to have made a positive impact regarding the awareness of COVID-19, then this project will also be carried out in the remaining villages with which RGM maintains ties.