Rosebel facilitates training camp for Surinamese National Basketball team

News 2018
03 April 2018


At IAMGOLD, we believe that we all grow through learning, development and teamwork. As developing national talent is an essential part of Rosebel’s corporate social responsibility, the site was excited to facilitate a training camp for the National Basketball team of Suriname from March 30 until April 1, 2018.

The training camp was part of intensive preparations for the national team’s participation at the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Championships, which will take place in June 2018 with over 10 Caribbean countries competing and which Suriname has the honour of hosting.

The national team will consist of 10 top basketball players from the local competition, as well as talented youth players under the supervision and guidance of head coach Ludwig Belgrave and assistant coach Gilbert Soesman. The training camp was very important for the preparation of the National team for the upcoming Championships as they were formed and prepared for a winner's mindset.

Rosebel welcomed the national team so that they can optimally prepare to represent Suriname in the upcoming championships. The national team was able to isolate themselves for those three days at the Rosebel camp (including basketball court, gym and camp facilities) for intensive training. In particular, the aim of the trainers to strive for excellence is to receive the full support of Rosebel, which itself also increasingly focuses on national talent development as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and programs.

SBA team

 "If you want to achieve high results, it's important to be a strong team. We focus on team building, speed and condition building and sharpening their technique” said Ludwig Belgrave. He emphasized that such training camps promote unity and tolerance among the players who get the opportunity to get to know each other better. “We have prepared a tight program to get the most out of the players. Not only their game is evaluated but the players are also guided in their diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are pleased that we have succeeded in organizing this training camp in collaboration with Rosebel.”

Xaviro van Ams, captain of the national team commented that the preparation for the championships are going smoothly and the team are doing their best to represent Suriname in a dignified manner. “In 2015, Suriname gained fifth place in Tortola, British Virgin Islands during the CBC championships, so this year we aim for a higher position”

Rosebel is excited to contribute in the preparation of the national team and wishes them a lot of success.