Rosebel Gold Mines invests 1.9 million SRD in top clinical care for Suriname

News 2018
27 April 2018

On 27 April 2018, the 3D mammograph came into use by the donor Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. (Rosebel) and the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP). This for the benefit of the MAMMA center at the Radiology department, which is headed by Drs. I. Thakoer. The donation is a modern 3D mammograph with tomosynthesis worth 1.9 million Surinamese Dollars and in support of top clinical care in Suriname.

This is an X-ray machine, which makes X-rays of the mammary glands. These X-rays (mammograms) of the mammary glands are made from different directions to detect, among other things, small tumors at an early stage, with an increased chance of healing. The advanced 3D mammograph with tomosynthesis is the first of its kind in the region and complies with the applicable international standards.

Although research has shown that breast cancer in 2018 is the number two cause of death in (female) cancer patients in Suriname, the AZP did not have a mammogram since October 2015. After a request made by AZP in November 2017, this was reason enough for Rosebel to donate the mammograph completely. Rosebel contributes with this donation to the early detection and better treatment of breast cancer and thus the improvement of health care in Suriname.

Sharmila Jadnanansing, Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager at Rosebel emphasized in her speech that breast cancer affects the whole society and that it should not be treated with indifference. She showed her admiration for the doctors and specialists who are very committed every day to delivering optimal care in Suriname. "With the initiatives we support, we want to make a sustainable contribution to society.

"I want to underline the importance of adequate breast cancer prevention, which I think is very important:" Better to prevent than to cure ". The woman is better informed nowadays. I even launch a call here addressed to all women; have yourself checked regularly, including a mammography. Think of a obtaining a healthy lifestyle in prevention, follow the familiar instructions for self-examination, "says Sharmila Jadnanansing. She also indicated that the health and well-being of our colleagues at Rosebel are central. In this context, there are already agreements with AZ Radiology team to bring further awareness to Rosebel in Brokopondo: this involves around 1900 women and men that we can reach.

In addition to donating the 3D mammograph, Rosebel also helped finance the furniture of the Mamma Center so that AZP doctors and staff can receive their patients in a pleasant waiting room. The walls of the reception area were also painted at the expense of Rosebel with a beautiful Palulu artwork by artist Fabian de Randami.

The director of the AZP, Ms. Claudia Marica - Redan thanked Rosebel for wanting to donate a "State of the Art" device and said: "I cherish this moment as a milestone for mom care in Suriname, this is another step in the direction of qualitative health care.