Chery Ann Morisson winner Brokopondo Speech contest 2018

News 2018
19 May 2018

On Saturday 19 May, Chery Ann Morisson was announced the winner of the Rosebel Brokopondo Speech Contest 2018. The subject of her speech was climate change. Full of passion and persuasion she emphasized the importance of climate change in her five-minute speech. The audience consisting of: district Commissioner Kenya Pansa, management and staff of Rosebel Gold Mines N.V., National assembly member Wendel Asadang, representatives of JCI, teachers and district residents where very moved by the performance of the speakers.

The Brokopondo Speech contest, a Community Relations project by Rosebel Gold Mines (Rosebel), was carried out in collaboration with the organization Junior Chamber International Paramaribo (JCI). The aim of the speech contest is to improve the public speaking skills of Brokopondo's youth in the Dutch language and to eliminate their fear of public speaking. To prepare the pupils for the speaking contest, the students were trained intensively for two months and supervised by the trainers of the JCI. With the training in public speaking, they not only learn self-assurance, but also effectively transfer information, research skills and the right body language and attitude

Sixteen contestants took part in the preliminary round on Saturday 28 April. These contestants are all pupils of the VOJ schools of Brokopondo and come from the various villages in the district. The expert jury delegated by JCI selected ten of the contestants for the final round which was held on 19 May in the Multifunctional building in Brokopondo Center. The speeches were written by the participants themselves and dealt with various social themes such as youth crime, domestic violence, drop outs, development of Brokopondo, Development of Suriname.

The second place went to Martes Weewee, with the subject "The future of Suriname", 3rd place Brandi Finkie, Youth crime, 4th place Givita Eersteling, Agriculture in Suriname and the 5th Jovincha Adjako, Domestic violence.
The prize package consisted of: Number 5: Gift card for school stuff Number 4: Gift card for school supplies, Number 3: Gift card for school supplies and a Note book and bag, Number 2: Gift card for school supplies and a laptop and bag, Number 1: Gift card for school supplies, a laptop and bag and a weekend package at a hotel for 3 persons.