O.S. Afobakkaweg wins Brokopondo scholenquiz 2018

News 2018
16 July 2018

The OS Afobakkaweg elementary school was declared the winner of the Brokopondo school quiz 2018 on Friday 13 July '18. The school quiz is part of the Youth development program of Rosebel Goldmines. The Youth development program consists of the Brokopondo speech contest for VOJ schools and the Brokopondo school quiz for primary schools and aims to stimulate young talent in the Brokopondo district.

The Brokopondo School Quiz project was organized for the seventh time this year. Within this project, primary schools of the district of Brokopondo are competing with teams consisting of twelve students from the sixth grade. During the quiz, participants will be presented with questions that are derived from the six subjects that are dealt with in the sixth grade test. Because the quiz is organized shortly before the sixth grade test, it contributes to the preparations for the students who will take part in the test.

This year 12 schools from the following villages participated in the preliminary round: Brownsweg, Klaaskreek, Marshall Creek, New Lombe, Victoria, Nieuw Koffiekamp, Tapoeripa, Balingsoela and Brokpondo Center. Six of the twelve schools are attending the final: W.A.Liefdschool, OS Brownsweg, EBG Balingsoela, Father van de Pluymschool (champion last year), OS Afobakkaweg and D. Yveraarschool.


OS Afobakkaweg winners Brokopondospeech 2018

OS Afobakkaweg received as winner: a substitution trophy, a trophy for the first place, a gift voucher for school and office supplies, in addition each team member received a gold medal and a gift voucher for school supplies. The semi champion, the Father of the Pluymschool, received a trophy and a gift voucher for school and office supplies. Each participant of the team received a medal and a gift voucher for school supplies.