Brokopondo champions Acconut thank Rosebel for support

News 2018
12 July 2018

Around the mine site in Brokopondo District, Rosebel Gold Mines has built strong relationships over many years with local communities, including New Lombe. With Rosebel’s support, Acocunut, the New Lombe boys’ soccer team, developed into a strong side and competed in the Surinamese soccer league. Thanks to their hard work and determination, Acoconut were champions of the second division this year, winning promotion to the first division.

On a special visit to Rosebel’s Paramaribo offices, where they were greeted by Suresh Kalathil, General Manager, and Jerry Finisie, Manager, Sustainability, the players proudly presented themselves in their uniform, wearing their medals and showing off the large championship trophy. 

Suresh congratulated the team for their efforts: “What you’ve achieved is not easy, because you had to deal with people, circumstances and challenges that change in every match. In a winning team, each member complements the skills of their teammates. Your success shows the power of teamwork in achieving a great result!” Suresh also acknowledged how the knowledge and experience of coaches, and the encouragement of friends and family fueled the team’s success and thanked them for helping Acoconut reach this level. 

As a token of appreciation, the team gave Suresh a recording of the winning match and thanked Rosebel for the opportunity to share their success.

Suresh further encouraged the team: “What you have learned in the team will help you in life.  When you begin your career, it will make you a better leader.”

Congratulations, Acocunut, you are a fine example of how passion and excellence can drive you towards succes!