Rosebel publishes book “The promising future of Brokopondo”

News 2017
19 July 2017

Rosebel Gold Mines conducted a study in seven villages in the Brokopondo district to further stimulate sustainable development. The findings of the study are published in a book titled “The Promising Future of Brokopondo”. On Friday, the first copy of this book was handed to District Commissioner Kenya Pansa by the Sustainability Manager of Rosebel, Jerry Finisie.
The survey gives information on demographics, socio-economic characteristics, living standards, recent developments, programs and projects, concerns and developmental needs. The villages the study was conducted include Marchallkreek, Klaaskreek, Njun Lombé, Brownsweg, Balingsoela, Kwakoegron and Nieuw Koffiekamp.

From the start of its operations, Rosebel has contributed to the sustainable development of the communities in Brokopondo. Over the years, various projects have been implemented, including education, income generating and infrastructural projects. As the study shows the development needs per village, this information is useful for Rosebel to work together with local communities to implement projects identified by these communities as priority areas.