Rosebel organizes Job Fair at Brokopondo Centrum

News 2017
19 November 2017

Investing in the future equals investing in a positive legacy. Especially when it comes to investing in education and development of children.

On Friday, November 17th the Community Relations Department organized a Job fair at Brokopondo centrum. The goal for this event was to provide information to students of the surrounding communities about the various professions. This event was a great success, with over 1000 students from schools in neighboring communities visiting the fair.

In the various booths, speakers provided information about different professions and what one would have to do to get a job in a certain field.

The Mayor of Brokopondo, Mrs. Kenya Pansa, gave a motivating speech to the students, advising them to start planning their future as early as possible so they can make smart choices in their life.

Participating organizations who provided useful information to the students included the ICT Association of Suriname, the Aeromodellers club, the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre, the Youth Dental Clinic, the Army, the Police Force and more. We even had two HR professionals from Rosebel Gold Mines providing information about working at RGM.

Who knows how many future talents we have already interested in working with us!