Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. ("Rosebel") believes it is important to be involved in the sustainable development of especially the communities surrounding the areas of its operations. Recognizing its responsibility, it has been doing so since the start of commercial production in 2004 and has now committed itself to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility through the establishment of the foundation Rosebel Community Fund (RCF).  RCF aims to help create a sustainable future, in particular for the communities around the Rosebel operations and the Surinamese community in general. The foundation tries to achieve this goal by, among other things, financing projects and activities that stimulate sustainable development.


Contributing to the sustainable development of the Surinamese community in general, and in particular the communities surrounding the Rosebel mining activities.


A trusted partner in the community that gives back based on a strategy that is also focused on initiatives from the community to develop themselves sustainably.